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Ironwood Carnegie Library

Library Card


1.1     Who may get a card and what is the fee? 

  • Residents of or property owners in the City of Ironwood or Erwin Township and other municipalities that the library may contract with, may sign up for a card at no charge.
  • Non-residents may purchase a card for the fee stated on the Fee Policy.  
  • A current Michigan ID or Driver’s License must be tendered as proof of residency and a current tax bill for property ownership if not a resident.
  • If a current ID is not available, a Driver’s License/State Photo ID along with one other form of ID (postmarked letter, utility bill, etc.) will be accepted.
  • Children must present their parent’s or guardian’s ID to register for a card.
  • GCC students may also obtain a card with a valid college ID and Driver’s License.
  • Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; or because of mental, emotional, or physical condition; age or sexual preferences.


1.1.1   SUMMER READING Non-resident Youth Library Cards


Students who live in areas outside of the city of Ironwood or Erwin Township who are considered non-resident will be able to get a special summer reading library card at a discount. Students must be in school or home schooled and ages 4-18 and must be accompanied by a parent when applying for a card.  If the parent cannot accompany the child, the Director or Assistant Director may make accommodations according to the circumstances.  Summer cards will be valid for 4 months (May 31 to September 30) and will cost $10.00.  The card is good for age-appropriate books only and can only be used by the student.  There will be a 2 book limit.


1.1.2   Students with Blocked Library Cards

Students who are Ironwood or Erwin Township residents and who are unable to check out books because their card has been blocked due to overdue fines, lost or damaged books, etc. will be able to have their library privileges reinstated. New special edition cards may be issued to students who have not used their card for 6 months or longer because of fines or lost/damaged books. The student must be accompanied by a parent when applying for a card. If the parent cannot accompany the child, the Director or Assistant Director may make accommodations according to the circumstances. There will be no dollar cost for the cards, although students may be asked to read a certain amount of books or assist the children’s librarian in reviewing books to determine if they should be recommended to others to read. These cards will allow the student to check out a maximum of 2 books per visit and can be used only by the student for age-appropriate books. 

1.2     How do patrons lose card privileges?


Patrons who are NOT in good standing may lose their library privileges (including borrowing books and using the computer.)  A patron who is not in good standing includes patrons with more than $5.00 in unpaid fines or fees charged against their card, unreturned materials, or those who violate Library Policy. Parents of children where the child has more than $5.00 in unpaid fines may also lose their library privileges until the fines are below $5.00. Exceptions may be made by the Library Director.


1.3     Who can see library records?

By Michigan law and library board policy, all records relating to library patrons and their use of library materials and services are strictly confidential. Library staff members are not authorized to disclose such records to any third party.


Policy 1.0

Library Cards

Approved by Board


Lynne Wiercinski, Library Director

Policy Revision Date:6-18-19