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Ironwood Carnegie Library

How do I get a library card?

library card registration

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How do I get a library card?

It's easy! Residents of the City of Ironwood and Erwin Township may register for a library card for no fee. GCC students currently enrolled can also get cards at no cost. Non-residents are welcome to register for a card with a membership fee. A variety of options are available.

What will you need?

  1. Bring in a valid driver's license or photo ID with your current address.
  2. If your license does not have your current address, we will also need a document showing your current address. (Postmarked letter, utility bill, etc.)
  3.  Persons owning property in the City of Ironwood (but living elsewhere) can also register for a card with no fee. Simply bring along a copy of your tax statement.
  4.  A parent must accompany youth under the age of 18/guardian with a valid ID when registering for their own card.
  5. Non-resident fees are as follows: 

1-year card $30.00
6-month card $15.00
3-month card $8.00

Once your information is collected, you may check out up to 5 books. We will process your card and send it to you in the mail. Once you receive your card and return your books, you will be a fully registered patron!