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Ironwood Carnegie Library

Borrowing Library Material


2.1     How long can patrons keep books out?

Books may be borrowed for a two week period, and may be renewed for an additional two week period up to two times unless the book is reserved.  Upon request, staff members can increase the borrowing period based on the age of the book, amount of requests, etc.  Books on hold may not have these options.  Books from other libraries may be subject to other borrowing times.

2.2     How long can patrons keep other material out?

DVDs owned by the library may be checked out for two weeks.  Current and newspapers may not be checked out.  Back issues of many be checked out for one week.  Materials on loan from other libraries may be subject to other borrowing times.

 2.3     What happens if the patron does not return the material by the due date?

 The return of library materials is the responsibility of the borrower.  The fine for materials which are overdue is five cents per day (for children’s material) or 10 cents per day (for adult materials) per material for each day the library is open   As a courtesy, a second and third overdue notice will be mailed to the patron.   The amount of the fine cannot exceed the retail cost of the materials. Patrons with fines of $5.00 will be blocked from checking out additional items or using public computers.   Patrons who do not pay fines over $5.00 or who do not return materials may be sent to a collection agency and a $10 fee will be attached to their record.

 2.4     What if the patron loses or damages the material?

 If the patron loses or damages library material belonging to the library or a lending library, the patron is responsible for purchasing the material for the library.  If the library is unable to locate the patron, the library will report the material lost. 


2.5     What if the library does not have the material the patron wants?

 Titles or subject material not available in the Ironwood Carnegie Public Library may be requested through Inter-Library Loan (ILL).  Paid non-resident borrowers are also eligible for this service.  Patrons are not charged for ILL.  Patrons can place ILLs on line or by requesting library staff to do this for them..

 2.6     Are there any materials that cannot be taken out of the library?

 Any material marked with “Ref” or “R” (which stands for “Reference”) does not circulate.  Newspapers are not routinely available for circulation.

 2.7     What if someone else has the material checked out that the patron wants?

 Patrons may put holds on books and some other materials. by accessing their account online or by calling/visiting the library and requesting that staff do this for them  Patrons will be notified through the automated system (by phone and/or email) when their material is available for pick up.  The material will be held for seven days and then returned to circulation if not picked up.


POLICY # 2.0

Policy Title-Borrowing Library Material

Approved by Board: 

Revision # 1

Lynne Wiercinski, Library Director

Policy Revision Date: 2/16/21